Darkness in the Elves

Ronen and Terrin in Guttermouth

Ronen and Terrin made their way into Guttermouth, to find a place to sell off their equipment.
but on the way, they met a scout of Goblin Soldiers. They dispatched three of them, but another three got away after they felt defeated.

They finished their trip by reaching Guttermouth. They spent the evening in a pub, where Ronen was invited to Alexander’s Knights by Sir Lancelot.

Now, they left on a journey to New Cornwall.

Goblin Soldiers

The hamlet of Greywall is where the adventurers first find themselves. They stumble upon a rogue batch of goblins in the Greywall swamp. After dispatching them, they find that the goblins are not normal, easily killed goblins like before. They were trained, and equipped with sharper, more fine tuned weapons. Even their minds have been trained. They have been trained with military precision and maneuvers. All of the goblins now seem harder to kill.

Someone is behind this.

After killing the goblin’s, the party moved on to Greywall.
Not knowing that they had just taken the first steps into a much greater adventure.


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