Alexander's Knights

Honor and Glory

Only those who are honorable, generous, and well loved by many people can join the knights.
They must be willing to do good, and destroy all evil that crosses their path.

All knights receive a set amount of gold as a career, and can live quite well off of it.
The people everywhere know them by their symbol of a golden sword on their helmet, shield or anywhere that can easily be seen.

Levels of Knights:

1. Arch Knight. (20,ooo gp handout)
2. King’s-Friend. (10,000 gp hand-out)
3. Knight of the people. (5,000 gp hand-out)
4. Knight of the Order. (3,000 gp hand-out)
5. Knight of the Sword. (1,575 gp hand-out)
6. Knight Initiate. (500 gp hand-out)

Alexander's Knights

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